The links below will download MP3 sound files. If your computer has the capability to play these files, click the links and you will hear the exciting sounds of bikes equipped with exhaust systems from Micron. Due to the nature of the medium, sound files are rather large and, depending on your connection speed to the Internet, may take a while to download. Please be patient.
  1. Kawasaki Ninja 650R - 246k
  2. Honda CBR-600 F4i slip-on - 330k
  3. 2006 GP dyno run 801k
  4. 2006 R6 GP static2 265k
  5. 929_so.mp3 - 198k
  6. ducati_748sofm.mp3 - 515k
  7. honda_vtr1000so.mp3 - 405k
  8. micron_full_exhaust_1k_10k.mp3 - 510k
  9. sv650sound.mp3 - 472k
More sounds will be added to this list as we get them recorded. Please check back often. If we don't have your bike listed yet...we will.